The team

Gertrude Opera Board

Bill Gillies (Chair)
Lindy Golding
Michael Anderson

Linda Thompson
Brian Castles-Onion AM
Paul Kessell

Prof Charles Qin OAM
Dr Celina Yu

Yarra Valley Opera Festival Subcommittee

Michael Anderson (Chair)
Suzanne Halliday
Leanne De Bortoli

Jayne Dowd
Linda Thompson
Dr Khoi Bui

Matthew Nash
Lyn Scotchmoor

Partnership / Development Cluster

Natalie O’Brien AM

Caroline Evans

Jayne Dowd

Allied Arts Activity Coordinators (Local)

Savaad Felich

Sunderai Felich

with thanks to Yarra Valley Arts

Artistic team

Linda Thompson 
Artistic Director/CEO

Brian Castles-Onion AM 
Music Director/Coach

Patrick Burns 

Dean Sky-Lucas 

Head of Music

Dr David Kram

Evan Lawson
Assistant Conductor/Répétiteur


Jane Matheson
Assistant Conductor/Répétiteur

Trainee Répétiteur

Production Team

Matthew Nash

Festival/Production Manager

Alison Rae Jones

Company Manager

Kimberly Dyer

Administration Assistant

Michelle Parker

Administration (Volunteer)

Joe Noonan

Set & Costume Designer

Debbie Jenkins

Wardrobe Supervisor

Amanda Henderson

Design Consultant

Brenden Osborne

Production & Lighting

Jason Crick

Production & Lighting

Ounie Witherow-Aitkin


Olaf Meyer

MultiMedia Events (Partner)

Presented by Gertrude Opera

The Yarra Valley Opera Festival puts you, the audience, at its heart: it exists to move you with thrilling stories, superb music and astounding voices.

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