The Enchanted Pig

“Princess marries

#real pig”

The Enchanted Pig

A Musical Tale

Music by Jonathan Dove

Libretto by Alasdair Middleton 


Licensed by Hal Leonard Australia,

exclusive agents for Peters Edition Limited of London

A delightful fairy-tale English opera with hilarious twists and turns, ravishing tunes and a story for all ages - both children's panto and sophisticated adult rom-com.


Oscar-winning costume designer Tim Chappel & international stage director Gale Edwards AM deliver a heartwarming and sumptuous Australian premiere of a London & New York hit. 


Every good Princess deserves to marry a Prince. But what happens when the two elder sisters bully the youngest into going against Daddy’s wishes and opening a locked, forbidden door? The punishment is carried through, and instead of a handsome Prince, Flora must marry a Pig.


In true fantasy tradition, this is no ordinary Pig, but an enchanted one. Flora is no ordinary Princess, and this is no ordinary pig - she falls instantly in love. A string of weird and wacky characters seem bent on putting a stop to the wedding, but Flora will do anything it takes to keep and marry her lovely Pig.


This remarkable opera opened in the UK for an initial 3 week season, and ended up running for 10, before a season on Broadway in 2010, and several US premieres since.  We are excited to have the rights to the Australian Premiere, and as well as evening performances for our Gala Première Opening Night (18th) and Friday (25th) evening, we cannot wait to introduce a whole new generation to this beautiful opera in our ‘Family Opera Funday Sunday' (20, 27th)

18 + 25 Oct 7pm
20 + 27 Oct 2pm

Olinda Yarra
17-19 MacIntyre Lane, 

Group discounts available 
Call 0437 633 223

Meet the team

Sam Roberts-Smith


Naomi Flatman


Rose Nolan

Book of Fate/Old Woman

Markus Matheis

King Hildebrant/Mr NWind

Zoe Drummond


Sheridan Hugues


Yu Lin


Gale Edwards

Stage Director

Tim Chappel

Costume Designer

Patrick Burns


Joeseph Noonan

Set Designer

Jane Matheson

Ass. Conductor/Repetiteur

Leo Williams

King of the West/Sun

Hannah Peel


Harry Grigg

King of the East/Moon

Alexandra Amerides


Frances Kruske


Victoria Thomasch


Marie Campbell


Nuolin Ouyang


Other performances


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Presented by Gertrude Opera

The Yarra Valley Opera Festival puts you, the audience, at its heart: it exists to move you with thrilling stories, superb music and astounding voices.

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