“Power, sex, tragedy

& gaslighting”

Adult Themes

This exquisite opera ends blissfully as all wedding days should - with one of the first operatic love duets ever written - a sublime and glorious expression of desire and commitment, with no hint of the historical gruesomeness to follow.  

Do humans learn from past mistakes? In 2019 as in 1643, individual whims and values associated with status form a lethal combination.


Our production of Monteverdi's The Coronation of Poppea is faithful to the original themes: power, sex, tragedy, brutality. A hedonistic and decadent world, with bawdy humour, violence, narcissism - and gaslighting. 

Here is a new look at an old opera. Shortened to two hours including interval, sung in English - recommended with an adult supervision warning, due to simulated violence and adult concepts.

Eerily, a shimmering realisation of the Baroque score lends a musical style not dissimilar to music of today, with prescient flavours of jazz, giving an emotionally-driven, improvisational character to a beloved and wildly varied opera score mired in tradition.  


Through the music of this sublime C17th opera, we see the trading of a new model of wife for the old, and instinctively blame possessive and manipulative women for the ensuing mayhem. 


In fact, 'our' Nero was a brute:  kicking his pregnant new wife to death after curtain-down. 

19 Oct 2pm
26 Oct 7pm

Olinda Yarra
17-19 MacIntyre Lane, 

Group discounts available 
Call 0437 633 223

Meet the team

Gale Edwards

Stage Director

Dimity Shepherd


Evan Lawson


Paul Biencourt


Cristina Russo


Daniel Todd


Frances Kruske


Victoria Thomasch


Jerzy Kozlowski


Joseph Noonan

Set & Costume Designer

Joshua Oxley

Soldier 1

Leo Williams

Soldier 2

Head of Music

Dean Sky-Lucas

Heather Fletcher


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Presented by Gertrude Opera

The Yarra Valley Opera Festival puts you, the audience, at its heart: it exists to move you with thrilling stories, superb music and astounding voices.

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